What We Offer

We at FUMC Smithville know that the growth and health of Discipled living grow out of study and community.  We try to offer many ways for you and your family to experience the Gospel though numerous studies and groups.  

The Pastoral leadership will offer short term studies for the church season - These include Lent and Advent studies.  We offer off campus Bible Studies and reading groups alongside our class meetings.

History of ChristianityStudy

Beginning May 14th, we are doing a 4 week study about the History of the Christian tradition.  The Agape Class has graciously opened their class to all for this study.

From 9:30-10:30am in the Education Building, Pastor JD will be offering a light, fun History overview from the time of the Great Commission in Matthew 28 to today. 

If you have ever wondered why communion looks the way it does, when did Christians become a world religion and not just a persecuted group? When did we create the creeds we use in worship?  These and many more questions will be addressed.

New Member Class

Throughout the year we will offer new Member class for thos wishing to join the church.  This 6 week study covers the UMC in doctrine and theology and explains who we are and why we model our Method of discipleship after the Wesley brothers.